The decoration of Vietri ceramics

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There are five steps to obtain the finished product, that hand-made work of art that many like in the world. One of these steps is decoration.

The decoration of Vietri ceramics is carried out after the first firing of the object. Our object in this case let's pretend it is a vase. Just to give it some concreteness. But let's also briefly summarize the three moments before the brush stroke. The first is that of forging, that moment in which the piece is modeled from clay with the touch of the hands. The second is that of drying. After being forged, our vase has to stay dry for a long time, and the larger it is, the longer it will take. Beautifully dry the jar, in the third phase, passes to the first cooking. A nice oven at about 1,000 °. Now it's just ready for the brush stroke. The decorations of the Vietri ceramics are made only by hand by the master potters. Their tools of the trade, brushes of different shapes, thicknesses and sizes depending on the detail of the drawing they are about to create. A delicate hand and bright colors from lemon yellow to leaf green, or sea blue. Various shades of purple, orange and red are the other predominant colors in the harmony of the decorations of the masters of ceramics. Once the design is finished, the art must now remain impressed on our vase. And for this to happen a second cooking is necessary. Colors and glazes thus become a single element with terracotta. And this is how in the end even Vietri ceramics are, in the world, one of the products of excellence of Made in Italy.

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